Love As Well You Can Bandana


Love As Well You Can Bandana



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A reminder that it takes strength to remain soft in a world that hardens us, and that the most we can ask of ourselves and others is that we love as well as we can. 

Screenprinted by hand 

100% cotton 

Size: approx. 22" x 22"

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Bandana Text:

"it’s okay to take a break, even if you can keep going. you don’t always have to test your limits - there’s no shame in stopping long before you feel like you will break if you don’t, in not choosing the hardest route if you don’t have to. it’s okay to stop, even if you’ve already started down a certain path, even if you’re almost at the destination. there is strength in remaining soft in a world that hardens you. it’s okay to fall down and not immediately get back up. sometimes you will crumple and still bear the creases even after you have uncrumpled yourself. you have not come out broken, but different. it’s okay if it takes a long time to find your way forward - it so often does. love as well as you can."

Non-medical grade / Not intended for clinical use